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M-Banking: The Evolution of Online Banking

Did you know that, according to the International Telecommunication Union, there are more than 5 billion mobile phones in the world? This translates into a huge opportunity for businesses, especially in the banking industry.

Source: Mobile Marketing Association, 2009

Mobile banking is growing exponentially. In fact, it is expected to reach 300 billion transactions by 2013, for an estimated total of $860 billion, as reported by Informa Telecoms and Media in 2009. Therefore, banks will be encouraging their customers to use their smartphones. So far, most of the largest American banks are offering mobile applications. In Canada, CIBC was the first bank to launch an iPhone app, followed by TD Trust and Scotiabank. Later in 2010, Blackberry versions of these apps were made available. Desjardins also has an app that is only available on iPhone. Recently, RBC launched its own mobile application. Why did it take them longer than their competitors? It’s the first fully integrated app for iPhone and Blackberry. (suite…)

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