Finding my way to Oz with Torch

janvier 26, 2011 at 7:45 3 commentaires

BlackBerry Torch 9800

On my recent trip to New York City, I saw Wicked, “the best musical of the decade” on Broadway, according to Entertainment Weekly. Before travelling to the Big Apple, I had been shopping for show tickets online, but I was quite disappointed to realize that the only ones left were way out of my budget. As a result, my hopes of seeing the show during that weekend were small, but not vanished.

While driving down I-87, a giant billboard caught my attention because of the letters TICKETSNOW.COM written in red. This was my call to action! Using my boyfriend’s Blackberry Torch (fortunately, I was not the one driving), I quickly typed the address in the browser. I found that TicketsNow is an intermediary website offering tickets to all sorts of events (sports, concerts…). On its landing page, I noticed the “Theater” section. After clicking on the tab, “Wicked” appeared as the top word on the page. How convenient? Thanks to 3G network (or maybe 4G since I was roaming on AT&T?), I had selected my time, date and seats for the show in less than a minute and luckily, the price was reasonable. With the help of its wide touch-screen and its REAL keypad (sorry iPhone lovers), the Torch helped make my wish come true. Of course, before completing my transaction, I made sure the website was highly secure, although, it was a bit risky to purchase tickets for a show one day in advance…

Gershwin Theater, New York City

I was reassured to receive a call from a customer care employee who notified me that the tickets would be available for pick-up, in Times Square, approximately two hours before the show. Overall, my experience buying on a mobile phone was very satisfactory. Yet, from a consumer’s perspective, here are two essential features that would improve this m-commerce experience:

1) A mobile version of the website to facilitate browsing.

2) The option of having mobile tickets delivered by email.

In the end, this story proves that no matter how fast and easy it is to buy online using a mobile device, m-commerce could not be successful without traditional media. After all, it was the strategically-placed billboard that informed me of the website. Will mobile advertising replace radio, print or television ad? I doubt it… However, will it become the most valuable media?


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  • 1. Isabelle  |  janvier 26, 2011 à 10:22

    I totally agree with your last point. M-commerce could not survive long without traditional media. I experienced somtething really similar to your story a few months ago. Stuck in traffic, I saw a billboard with a ad. I immediatly took my iPhone to see what it was all about and I’m loving it! But without the ad, I couldn’t have found the wedsite!

    • 2. Pavla  |  janvier 27, 2011 à 1:51

      Thanks Isa for sharing your experience! Tuango is another great exemple of combining both traditional and mobile medias.

      • 3. Nina Dunn  |  janvier 28, 2011 à 5:43

        C’est bon Pavla. J’aime bien le texte en anglais. Je l »ai envoyé à mes amisées
        as-tu aimé Wicked et ton séjour à NY


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